A gift of fine jewellery often becomes a treasured and loved possession that has both symbolic and true emotional meaning. Why settle for a mass produced ring, bracelet or necklace when you can just as easily have a truly unique item designed and made just for you? Whether your preference is gold, silver or platinum, we will turn your vision into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Come in and discover beautiful, handcrafted pieces of jewellery at Rocks & Diamonds, a jewellery store located in Taupo, New Zealand.
By manufacturing our own jewellery, we are able to ensure the craftsmanship, quality, expertise and creativity that goes into each of our custom-made items is exceptional. We can make your jewellery visions a reality.

Rocks & Diamonds – a name synonymous with quality bespoke jewellery.

The man behind the name, Rhys Atkinson, proud owner, and Master Jeweller, with experience throughout Auckland, Hawkes Bay, and now Taupo. Rhys has been manufacturing, exceptional, quality jewellery for well over 25 years, never failing to impress.

Rhys Atkinson is the front of Rocks and Diamonds, with the support of his wife Helen, by his side.

Together, through knowledge and skill, this couple can design and created some most amazingly stunning jewellery. They will work together with you, from the idea, to the sketch, selecting the right stones, down to the finished piece.

Come instore, or email us today, to start that conversation.

“In every stage of life, a piece of jewellery or a small gift are the mementos that people cherish. We know that every piece is as special as the moment in commemorates.”

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Rocks & Diamonds
Tel: 07 377 4080
Email: rocksanddia@gmail.com

34 Horomatangi Street
Taupo 3351
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