At Rock & Diamonds we are proud to offer an extensive range of services
to our customers, including but not limited to the following:

Checking and Cleaning

Soft Soldering
Ring Sizing
Resetting Stones
Re-tipping Claws

Re-polishing and Refinishing

Cold Connections
Replacing Lost Stones
Stone Cutting

After years of Insurance claim experience, we see people receiving sub-standard settlements from insurance claims, due to not specifying expensive jewellery items and claims being declined due to a lack of proof of ownership.

We offer well presented Valuations, these are also very handy to email straight to your insurance provider.

Insurance Valuations
All new items purchased Rocks & Diamonds come with our Certificate of Purchase that may be used to insure the item. For jewellery not purchased from us, we can value your item in-house.

After-Loss Valuations
In the unfortunate event of burglary or loss, we are happy to prepare an after-loss valuation for the items lost or stolen. This after-loss valuation will be required by your insurance company before they can process your insurance claim. We are happy to speak to your insurance company on your behalf if this would assist in the processing of your claim.


Repairs to your Jewellery
We will fix your broken jewellery. Have you experienced a jewellery tragedy? We’re here to make it better. Repairs of every kind are welcome. Show us what you have and we will tell you what can be done. No job is too small, however, it is important to note that not all jewellery can be repaired. There are some pieces that may simply need to go to rest in jewellery heaven. Normal turn-around on repairs is between 1 and 2 weeks.


Repairs to our Jewellery
Like your favourite pair of jeans, over time your jewellery will deteriorate and need a ‘patch job’ too. If your purchase requires repair due to a defect in materials or fabrication, it will be done free of charge. Pieces of jewellery from our store that have deteriorated over time with normal wear willbe subject to normal repair prices.For more information on any of the following techniques and repair methods, please give us a call, send us an email or visit the shop anytime.


Checking and Cleaning
Bring in your special jewellery to be checked and cleaned. Are any stones loose? Are all the claws/prongs intact? Do the stones look dull from trapped debris? Let’s give your piece a once over.
( additional charges will apply if repair is required )


Re-polishing and Refinishing
Is your piece of jewellery tired looking? Bring it back to life by having it re-polished and refinished. Remove dings and scratches. Make the edges crisp again. Recreate a matte or sandblasted finish.


Revamping Old Jewellery

Is your jewellery box full of jewellery that you just aren’t wearing anymore? Maybe there are a few pieces that you would like to wear if they were revamped or updated in some way. Bring in your jewellery box and show us what you’ve got. We are full of great suggestions and would love to help you reconnect with your jewellery from the past.



Alterations and transformations are a great way to update jewellery that you haven’t worn in years. We love bringing old jewellery back to life. Have you collected all of your lost earrings, hoping that a match might show up one day? Let us turn them into a charm bracelet…full of memories. Maybe you wear clip-on earrings but can never find anything fun…we can alter a pair of pierced earrings for you. We will work on your existing jewellery and alter it to suit you better.


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